Forms of Fiction Skits

This the original skit.

Solider: I’ll get you all, animals. (chases animals)

(Enkidu attacks and jumps on the solider)

Gilgamesh: No one is as strong as me! Get him in the city-state so I can destroy him.

Solider: How can I get him in?

Gilgamesh: Take this glorious woman and her exquisite music, to lure that demon to his death.

(Solider walking in the woods with the woman)

(Enkidu goes up to her and falls in love)

(Woman taking Enkidu to the city)

(Enkidu and Gilgamesh fight)

(Gilgamesh slips)

(Enkidu grabs Gilgamesh arms)

Enkidu and Gilgamesh becomes friends.

This is the skit changed.

(Gilgamesh and Enkidu walking together to the city)

Gilgamesh: Enjoying the walk my friend?

Enkidu: Yes. How about you?

Gilgamesh: Good.

(Gilgamesh and Enkidu at the city wall)

Guard: How are you two doing?

Both: great

Response to Lit.(So B. It)

Have you ever known a person that is mentally disable? In So B. It, mama is the one that is mentally disabled. The problem of the story is that Heidi wants to find out what soof means. Heidi finds a roll of film and then shows it to mama. Later they decide to go to the Liberty Hill. Heidi had guess a lucky number at Liberty Hill. Elliot kept calling Heidi soof. Heidi had met Thurman Hill (grandpa), Roy, and Ruby. Thurman Hill had asked for a private moment with Heidi. Heidi had found out what soof means, but mama dies. Sometimes you need to risk things for chances.

Heidi is a very curious person. She like to find out things. Bernie is a very kind and helpful person. Bernie is a person that would try to help mama. Mama is a person that would try to learn as many thing as possible. She would try to get a lot of information.

The setting is in Liberty Hill. Liberty Hill is the main setting. They also went to Nevada. They also went t Roy’s house. Also the bus station is another setting.

The theme is you need to risk something for chances. Heidi had risk a guess a number For a prize. Heidi also plays with mama. She tries to find out what soof means.

I think the book is a good book. I think some people would like to read this book. I think that the book was a sad book because mama only knows 23 words and she died at the end of the book. The theme is that you need to risk something to have a chance.

My Memoir

The 1st Day of Middle School

When it was the first day of middle school I was ready.The alarm woke me up 6:45am.Then I woke up my brother.When we woke up,we felt very tired because we don’t like to wake up early.When I was done changing,I went to eat breakfast.Then I was finish,so I was on the way to school.When I got there I felt weird because I was new to the school.I went to the playground and waited until the bell rings.While I was waiting,I was looking for my cousin,Mindy.later on Mindy finally came.When the bell rang,I was walking up the stairs and looking for room 27.

When I was there,I looked into the window to see the class.I saw name tags,so I started to look for my name tag.At first I thought this is just a regular class,but I found out that it is one of three honors class.

When we came in,I thought that the room had too many students in the class.I saw a lot tiger stuffed animals in the class,so I thought,that Miss Nichols like tigers.Later on I found out that it was team Princeton’s mascot.I was proud of myself because I was in one of the honors class.I also didn’t think that there would be this much honors students.I thought that the school wold be smaller.It was ENORMOUS.The school is a lot bigger than my old school.It was time to go so I went home.My mom asked me how was school and I said good.

My Research Report

Stringed Instrument

stringed instruments #2

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Stringed instruments are older than you think. Stringed instrument was

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used a lot in the Eastern places like Asia and Europe long ago. Now they are being used in bands and orchestras. It is used from around the world now. It was a common way to get entertained by music in the olden times.Stringed Instrument are old and are still being used now.

Invention of Stringed Instrument

The stringed instrument was believed that it was made by Egyptian gods. The stringed instrument was made by most of the Egyptian gods. One of the gods was Osiris. The gods had made many instruments in Egypt (“Ancient Musical Instrument”).

Date of Old and First Stringed Instrument

Stringed instrument were date back to 5000 BCE. It was also date back to the ninth century Asia. Stringed instrument have been used for a long time (Giles). Harps are one of the old Instrument. Harps are about 2500 years old (“Ancient Musical Instrument”). Guitars are also an old stringed instrument. Guitars is date back to 1900 to 1800 (Miclaus). Harps and guitars are both old stringed instrument.

Popular Stringed Instrument

The guitar a popular stringed instrument. Guitars have been used a lot. It get used in many bands. It is also used in parades, too. It is a very popular stringed instrument. Guitars have been used in many ways of entertaining. Violins are also a popular stringed instrument. Violins are used in orchestras. It is used in orchestras a lot (Tan). Both guitars and violins are popular instrument.

Most stringed instruments are older than the instrument looks like. A lot of stringed instrument are very old like harps. The instrument might look new, but it might be very old. Stringed instrument are still being used even though they are old.


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My Dad (Sonny)

When my dad was a child, he lived in Vietnam. It was very hot at Vietnam. He has two brothers and two sisters. He had moved to Ohio in 1980. He went to elementary school in Ohio. He had stayed in Ohio for three years. My dad moved to California in 1983. At 15 he went to San Gabriel high school.

My dad hadn’t learn to speak English, so he had problems with the English language His family had tried very hard to learn English. They had to adapt to the American way of life. My dad was looking forward to a better future after escaping Vietnam. At that time, Vietnam’s government said that it was illegal to leave Vietnam.His family had left on a boat to Malaysia. He had stayed in a refuge camp fro a year. After that he had left to America.

My dad put a lot of effort to learn English. He kept trying until he accomplish it.My dad had worked hard to make a dream into reality. His family also was trying hard to learn English. They all had tried hard to learn English.

In  1987 my dad’s family had opened up a business you fix and sell cars. At that time, my dad went to school and had a part time job. At that time, car businesses were very good. He  had attend college  at 19 to learn about cars.When  he finished college, he had worked a full time job. At that time my dad was dealing with paper work and costumer service. Since 1987 to 1998, he had stopped working for the family business, because of the slow in business. Starting from 1999 to now, he was working for a a car dealer ship as a mechanic to support my dad’s family. My dad was a hard worker.He really tried his best. He tries to do the best he can.

My Narrative Story

In the morning, Jake and his dad are planning to go to a big lake which is about a two hour drive. They heard rumors that the lake has lots of fish. Jake was  very excited about the  fishing trip. Now all they have to do is gather all the fishing gears together.

Immediately, that afternoon Jake and his dad head to the store. Jake’s dad had ran into a pot hole. It took one hour to fix the tire.Jake thought that there will be more problems on the way, so he lost his excitement.

They finally made it to the sporting goods store. On the other side of town. At this moment, Jake and his dad got their excitement back. They step into the store and felt the cool air. They both immediately went to the section they needed.They bought hooks of all sizes, fishing lines, nets, and the best fishing rod. They went to a fishing expert to take a fishing lesson and learn how to use the net. All they have to do is go back home and get ready for to head out to the gigantic lake.

The next morning, Jake was full of excitement. He even forgot to brush his teeth in the morning. He looked all over the house and couldn’t find his dad. Then he went outside. He saw his dad in the front yard. He was getting all the equipments on to the boat. Right after breakfast his dad started the truck. They made it to the enormous lake. Jake and his dad launched the boat in to the water. His dad help Jake on the boat. Then they went out. They waited for two hours for a fish to bite. Then they saw a sea monster gobbling up most of the fish. They had went to a near by store and bought a gun to destroy the sea monster. Then Jake and his dad went back to the lake. They went close to the sea monster. Then the sea monster saw them. It started to swim towards them. Jake’s dad got out the gun they bought and shot the sea monster fin. The sea monster started to sink to the bottom of the lake. Finally Jake caught two fish and his dad caught three fish. They were all ready planned for the next trip.

Welcome to my blog


Hi, my name is Nicholas. I go to Jane Addams Middle School or J.A.M.S. for short. I’m a new blogger. I am going to talk about school work.Most of it is projects and writings. Some of these are new  and some of it is old. All of the works are writings. All of it should be school work. I hope you like my blog.