My Narrative Story

In the morning, Jake and his dad are planning to go to a big lake which is about a two hour drive. They heard rumors that the lake has lots of fish. Jake was  very excited about the  fishing trip. Now all they have to do is gather all the fishing gears together.

Immediately, that afternoon Jake and his dad head to the store. Jake’s dad had ran into a pot hole. It took one hour to fix the tire.Jake thought that there will be more problems on the way, so he lost his excitement.

They finally made it to the sporting goods store. On the other side of town. At this moment, Jake and his dad got their excitement back. They step into the store and felt the cool air. They both immediately went to the section they needed.They bought hooks of all sizes, fishing lines, nets, and the best fishing rod. They went to a fishing expert to take a fishing lesson and learn how to use the net. All they have to do is go back home and get ready for to head out to the gigantic lake.

The next morning, Jake was full of excitement. He even forgot to brush his teeth in the morning. He looked all over the house and couldn’t find his dad. Then he went outside. He saw his dad in the front yard. He was getting all the equipments on to the boat. Right after breakfast his dad started the truck. They made it to the enormous lake. Jake and his dad launched the boat in to the water. His dad help Jake on the boat. Then they went out. They waited for two hours for a fish to bite. Then they saw a sea monster gobbling up most of the fish. They had went to a near by store and bought a gun to destroy the sea monster. Then Jake and his dad went back to the lake. They went close to the sea monster. Then the sea monster saw them. It started to swim towards them. Jake’s dad got out the gun they bought and shot the sea monster fin. The sea monster started to sink to the bottom of the lake. Finally Jake caught two fish and his dad caught three fish. They were all ready planned for the next trip.

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